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Weekly Newsletter #410

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Weekly Newsletter #410

20/8/2012 –26/8/2012

Eigth Edition



Kish Askar “Millitary Mate” “Indonesia after Suharto”

ANHRI publishes the second book of the booklets series (travails of changes; experiences in the revolution) ANHRI announced the publishing of the second book of the booklets series (travails of changes; experiences in the revoultion); “Kish Askar”, written by the researcher and political activist “Tamer Mowafi”. Previously ANHRI published Romania.

The booklet include an analytical research for the Indonesian revolution against “ Suharto” on 1998; lessons learned and the questions related to it.

Source: the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

the freedom of the Press and Speech are endanger Confiscation and Monitoring Included Algomhuria and El-Shab newspapers and El-Mosawr Magazine

NHRI is severely annoyed of the increasing of the Monitoring and confiscation policy imposed on the Egyptian newspapers. Algomhuria stopped a page deal with the freedom of speech and confiscation in Egypt which is the culture page. El-Mosawr Magzine stopped publishing the rest of the series of the book “returning from the Brotherhood’s paradise”. In the same time, an edition of El-Shab newspaper was confiscated, which was prepared to be distributing due to an article of the Egyptian Intelligence body.

The monitoring and confiscation increased after the expansion in following journalists and writers like the journalist “Abdelhalim Qandeel”, editor in chief of Sout Al-Omma newspaper, “Adel Hamouda” editor in chief of Alfajr newspaper and “Osama Afify” editor in cheif of “El-Dostor” newspaper as well as confiscating the newspaper due to allegations of insulting the president. “Alfareen” channel was stopped for two months due to accusations of threating the president and inciting on violence.

This is the most violent attack on the Egyptian newspapers and media after the 25th revolution and after Dr. Mosri became the president, such attacks contradicted with the president Morsi speech of respecting the freedom of speech as a guarantee to the civil state.

Source: the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

In Egypt, Morsi bans pre-trial detention of journalists

Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi banned pre-trial detention of journalists charged with press-related offenses today in a decree issued just hours after a Cairo criminal court jailed an editor pending trial on charges of insulting the president, according to news reports.

Source: CPJ

The Claim of Insulting the President Against Islam Afify, Editor in Chief of El-Dostor Newspaper, Adjourned with the continuation of Jailing him.

The 15th circuit of Criminal Giza Court adjourned the claim of insulting the president against Islam Afify to the hearing of the coming September 16 after his lawyer asked to adjourn the case for reviewing the claim.


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Rasd website is hacked and destroyed

The official website for the Palestinian association for human rights (Rasd) was hacked and destroyed by unknown people, they also destructed the data base of the website completely in addition to posting a picture on the website entrance include improper sentences. The technical support team still trying to fix it, it is worthy to be noted that this is the third time since the beginning of this year, that this website largely destructed. It was clear that there are multiple attempts to hack the network and the electronic email related to the board member of the board of directories.

Source: the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights condemns the Israeli authorities which, prevent the residents of Gaza Strip Muslims freedom of worship

Israeli Supreme Court upheld on 7 August 2012 policy adopted by Israel and prevent under which the Muslim population of the Gaza Strip from access to the holy places in Israel and the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, during religious occasions.

Source: Palestinian Center for Human Rights

The occupation releases the Dean of the Arab prisoners “Sidqi El-maqt”

The former prisoner, a researcher competent prisoners’ affairs, Abdul Nasser Farawana, said it was scheduled thatthe Israeli occupation authorities will tomorrow “Wednesday, relase one of ” the generals of patience “and the dean of the Arab prisoners, the prisoner” Sidqi”after the arrest of long (27) years is the total his term.

He added: that the prisoner “Sidqi Suleiman El-maqt” (45 years) from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, is one of the “the generals of patience” is the term given to the been held for more than a quarter of a century, he had been arrested in the twenty-third of August 1985, on charges of participating in establishing the organization of the underground resistance movement in the occupied Golan and participate in a series of events and operations against the Israeli occupation and he was subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture.

Source: Palestine behind bars



The Bahraini activist “Nabil Rageb” acquited from insulting the people of “El-Mahreq”

the court of appeal found the rights’ activist “Nabil Rageb” not guilty of insulting the people of El-Mahreq before the end of the term by three weeks, but he is still in prison in another case in which he is spending three years imprisonment.

For information related to Bharain


What is going insied “El-Haer” prison?

Violent attack by the intervention forces on Sunday, August 12, 2012 to disperse the sit-in of the prisoners. The prisoners started the protest for more than a month after he despaired of finding a solution to their status, where many of them are in prison for years without any legal proceedings and others completed their sentences years ago has not been released. The prison is full with many detainees who entered it since ten years, the were kidnapped from the streets or from their homes or from their headquarters or after responding to a call from the security authorities to find themselves in El-Haer without any legal proceedings. They represent all the sectors of Saudi society, some eminent scientists, doctors, lawyers, professors and students and they full of love for their homeland. They were arrested only because they called for reforms and freedoms through peaceful means, on charges of terrorism or compromising the security of the state as the authorities claim or sow discord.


For more information related to Saudi-Arabia





Murtinia: ANHRI Calls for the Immediate Release of the Journalists “Abeed Weld Emegen”

NHRI held the responsibility on the Murtaini authorities for the health condition of the rights activist and the Journalists “Abeed Weld Emegen” who is detained in the central prison “Nouakchott” due to the a TV intervention with “Alarabya Channel” in which he spoked about the arrests due to burning some jurisprudence books since several months.

Muratani authorities arrested “Abeed Weld Emegen”, the deputy right journalist club, as well as anti-slavery activist and the “” adminstrator, on Sunday April 29th of 2012 due to participation via telephone in the “Akhar Saa’ah” news program on “Alarabyia channel”, in which he spoke about the detainees due to burning jurisprudence books of “Malek” by IRA organization, anti-slavery, due to allegations that these books enhance slavery in the country.

Source: The Arabic Network for Human Rights





A Journalist Shoot to Death by the Regime due to sympathy with the revolution

ANHRI announces its deep condolences and condemns to the killing of the Syrian journalist “Musab Muhammad Saeed El-Awdah Alllah”, by the shooting him in front of his house in Damascus.

Musab Mohammed Saeed El-Awadah Allah” the journalist in “Tishren” government newspaper, was killed by the forces of the Syrian regime on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 after a raid by security forces on his home and shot him without any obvious reasons for that. He was working in the department of cultural in the newspaper, he has been subjected to many harassment because of his sympathy with the Syrian revolution, he was investigated more than once, as well as harrasing him during the performing his work, as well as preventing him from leaving the Syrian capital, in addition to being shot in his foot in front of his house since nearly a month.

Source: The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

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Tunisia: ANHRI denounce the decision of arrest to a manager of a tv channel

ANHRI denounces the judicial decision issued by the department of the charge in the Court of Appeal of Tunis of arresting the manager of a tunisian channel due to allegation of illegal use of funds of the state-run television during the rule of the deposed President Zine El- Abidine Ben Ali.

Source: The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

For more information related to Tunisia




Rights’ organization urged the authorities to stop commit civilans to the military courts

after the primary investigation with the former minister “Michele Smaha” who is suspected of planing for “terrorist acts” in lebanon, which were are about to conducted in the previous year, his case were committed to the military court. Alf, CLDH and Karamah associations consider these case as a prove of the concerned practices in lebanon related to comitting civilans to the millitary court.

Source: Dignity Foundation for Human Rights

For more information related to Lebanon




the police forces assault on the peaceful demonstrations is an assault on the freedom of expression

NHRI strongly denounces the Moroccan police use of force to disperse demonstrations organized by a number of Moroccan activists, in several Moroccan cities to protest against the devotion and allegiance to the king in Morocco as usual.

The Moroccan police have used batons and tear gas to disperse the demonstrations called by the February 20 Movement to denounce the ritual ceremony of devotion to the kingship of which some say it is remnants of the Middle Ages.

Source: The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

For more information related to Morroco


Algeria: Arrest of rights activist due to participation in a peaceful demonstration

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information announced its solidarity with the Algerain rights’ activist “Abdul-Qadar Kharabah”, who began a hunger strike since Thursday 21, 2012 after being imprisoned due to participation in a peaceful demonstration to denounce the permanent water cuts.

For more information related to Algeria


The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information:

ANHRI issued, 20/8/2012 and until 26/8/2012, 8 press releases related to human rights during that period, as follows:

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