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Is the President a "Serial Fabricator"? Fired FBI Director Comey Testifies About Trump's "Lies"


Fired FBI Director James Comey testified Thursday that President Trump tried to derail an investigation into National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s links to Russia, and accused Trump of lying about why he was fired. Comey testified that he documented every meeting he had with Trump because he thought the president might lie about what had taken place, and said he leaked the meeting details to the media in order to spur the appointment of a special counsel. "From a political point of view, we know that one of the biggest flaws in Donald Trump’s presidency, his candidacy, his ability to be president, is that he’s a serial fabricator," says Mehdi Hasan. "Now you have the former top law enforcement officer of this country going in front of the Senate, under oath, saying those are lies, plain and simple." Hasan is an award-winning British journalist and broadcaster at Al Jazeera English and columnist for The Intercept. He joins a roundtable discussion with Shayana Kadidal, senior managing attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Marcy Wheeler, an independent journalist who covers national security and civil liberties at her website

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