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No wonder we are still hooked on Dad’s Army – in Brexit Britain we are reliving it

The Royal Mail is launching a set of stamps to mark the comedy’s 50th anniversary – but the much-loved institution has become an unlikely symbol of Brexit

Stamps. We take them very seriously in Britain. They are key cultural signifiers. And it is surely culturally significant that the Royal Mail has resisted Brexiter calls to issue a set to mark “Liberation Day” – 29 March 2019, when the proud British cast off the yoke of EU servitude and strike out for ... well somewhere or other – and, later this month, is issuing a set of Dad’s Army stamps instead. Someone at Royal Mail has a very good grasp of history and a sharp satirical sense.

The Dad’s Army stamps ostensibly mark the 50th anniversary of the BBC series that once attracted 18 million viewers and still plays perennially on Saturday evenings to a band of obsessives who must be able to recite the 80 episodes backwards. The 2016 film based on the show was a dud, but the original series is a much-loved institution and has become an unlikely symbol of Brexit.

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