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June 22 2017

*Cara Mineo, la commissione d'inchiesta : "Chiudere subito la struttura e revocare il direttore…

Cara Mineo, la commissione d’inchiesta: «Chiudere subito la struttura e revocare il direttore indagato per truffa»

La commissione nazionale sul sistema di accoglienza approva all’unanimità, da Forza Italia al Pd, la relazione sul centro di accoglienza: «Sprechi fin dalla nascita del sito». Nel mirino gli alfaniani, Palazzotto di Sinistra Italiana: «Il sottosegretario Castiglione si dimetta». Anche Corrao dei 5 stelle chiede un passo indietro dell’esponente di Alternativa popolare
#fraude #Mineo #CARA #asile #migrations #Italie #Sicile #réfugiés #logement #hébergement

*War is not the only violence shaping women's experiences in Iraq* ❝Then there is the next layer ;…

War is not the only violence shaping women’s experiences in Iraq

Then there is the next layer; Patriarchy. It is probably this layer, above all, that shapes women’s experiences of conflict. Iraq is deeply patriarchal, with this permeating all aspects of women’s lives. Patriarchy permits violence in households; the beatings taking place in crammed tents shared by numerous family members. Women speak of husbands being more aggressive since displacement. They tell me about extreme violence; punching, burning, whipping.

It creates impossible situations for women whose men are absent because of war; be they killed, enlisted, boated to Europe or merely disappearing. I’ve heard stories of husbands divorcing wives by text message. Or husbands selling their family tents for money for passage to Europe, leaving wives and children on the roadside. Patriarchal norms make these women vulnerable – unable to find work in a male dominated public space, subjects of swirling gossip by a frustrated population.

Religion forms another layer. In the camps, one hears of ‘two-day marriages’ – marriages convened, then divorced by prior arrangement, allowing a man to enjoy intercourse with a girl while married, and hence with religious legitimation, in exchange for funds being paid to her family.

So too, the sexual violence perpetrated by ISIS towards Yezidi girls has been shaped by religion, with ISIS’ rape carried out in the context of strictly regulated slavery arrangements, performed in keeping with clearly elaborated edicts, allowing rape to not violate their version of religious rules. Yezidi girls report their captors would pray before raping them, talking of their acts as exercise of religious duty.

Finally, add the layer of Poverty. A lack of resources underpins all aspects of displaced life. A Syrian refugee told me, “When there is no money, my husband is violent to me, and I am violent to my children. Nothing else will work unless you fix this problem.” High levels of illiteracy, a lack of marketable skills and the distances of camps to cities, make it hard for women to earn a livelihood. Yet Culture plays a role here too – many women are not permitted by their families to leave the camps to work. For reasons of Culture jobs are primarily given to men.

http:// wps/ 2017/ 06/ 15/ war-is-not-the-only-violen ce-shaping-womens-experiences-in-iraq

#violence #femmes #Irak #IDPs #déplacés_internes #exil #asile #migrations #réfugiés #patriarcat #guerre #conflit #vulnérabilité #religion #viols #ISIS #EI #Etat_islamique #pauvreté

*Weathering Crisis, Forging Ahead : Swedish Asylum and Integration Policy* ❝The Swedish asylum…

Weathering Crisis, Forging Ahead: Swedish Asylum and Integration Policy

The Swedish asylum system—long one of the most efficient and generous in the world—faced an unprecedented challenge in the fall of 2015. As the number of refugees and migrants arriving in Sweden surged, processing times for asylum applications grew and emergency housing reached capacity. Schools struggled to enroll young newcomers, who made up nearly half of asylum applicants in 2015. The pace of arrivals, coupled with existing housing, teacher, and interpreter shortages, brought this robust system to a crisis point.

http:// research/ weathering-crisis-forg ing-ahead-swedish-asylum-and-integration-poli

#Suède #asile #migrations #réfugiés #droit_d'asile #accueil #rapport #politique_d'asile #intégration #travail #logement #hébergement #frontières #fermeture_des_frontières #dissuasion #santé #éducation

*Potential expansion of Eurodac database scope raises data protection concerns* ❝The Civil…

Potential expansion of #Eurodac #database scope raises data protection concerns

The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee of the European Parliament has adopted a report on the European Commission proposal to recast the Eurodac Regulation. It outlines a wide expansion of the scope of the Eurodac database that raises strong concerns about data protection.
#surveillance #données #protection_des_données #Europe #UE #EU #base_de_données

*Security of tenure in the urban context* ❝Refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) living…

Security of tenure in the urban context

Refugees and internally displaced persons (#IDPs) living in informal settlements or in rented housing are among those most at risk of eviction.[1] Traditional humanitarian shelter responses in urban areas have tended to favour ownership or collective centres, often lacking means and solutions for informal settlers and tenants. The recognition of a variety of forms of tenure continues to be a work-in-progress in the shelter sector, signifying a shift from a focus on freehold ownership as the main guarantee of security of tenure. One of the main challenges emerging when departing from past solutions is assessing what constitutes ‘secure enough’ for shelter purposes.
#urban_refugees #réfugiés_urbains #réfugiés #logement #hébergement #asile #migrations #déplacés_internes #sécurité #éviction #expulsion

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June 21 2017

Conseil de l'Europe | Réaliser le droit au regroupement familial des réfugiés en Europe

Conseil de l’Europe | Réaliser le droit au regroupement familial des réfugiés en Europe

Les États membres sont soumis à l’obligation juridique et morale de garantir le regroupement familial. En vertu des normes internationales des droits de l’homme, les les personnes en quête de protection doivent pouvoir se faire rejoindre par leur famille de manière effective et dans un délai raisonnable. Les États doivent lever les nombreux obstacles au […]

*Il modello italiano di immigrazione diffusa : un'alternativa alle banlieue ?*

Il modello italiano di immigrazione diffusa: un’alternativa alle banlieue?
http:// wp-content/ uploads/ 2016/ 05/ 04-27-Volta-Paper-02-immig razione.pdf

#Italie #alternatives #banlieues #migrations #asile #réfugiés #modèle_italien #diffusion #dispersion #accueil

v. aussi un résumé en français ici:
Mais pourquoi les banlieues italiennes ne brûlent-elles pas?

L a population étrangère dans la Péninsule ne se concentre pas dans des périphéries-ghettos mais se répartit sur le territoire : le démographe #Roberto_Volpi décrit ce « modèle d’#immigration_diffuse » dans un essai publié par Volta.*

https:// ailleurs/ mais-pourquoi-les-banlie ues-italiennes-ne-brulent-elles-pas

The number of forcibly displaced people grew to a record in 2016

The number of forcibly displaced people grew to a record in 2016

Three countries account for more than half the world’s refugees (…)
Prolonged conflict in Afghanistan, and younger wars in Syria and South Sudan, have created large refugee outflows and also uprooted people from their homes

#réfugiés #asile #déplacés

*Logements pour requérants LGBT réclamés* ❝Des élus zurichois demandent la création d'hébergements…

Logements pour requérants LGBT réclamés

Des élus zurichois demandent la création d’hébergements pour les réfugiés homosexuels. Des associations romandes militent dans le même sens.

#logement #hébergement #réfugiés #LGBT #Suisse #asile #migrations #homosexualité #réfugiés_LGBT

*From the Sinjar mountains to Germany's Rhineland : a Yazidi refugee's story* ❝The Yazidis are a…

From the #Sinjar mountains to Germany’s Rhineland: a Yazidi refugee’s story

The Yazidis are a religious minority in northern Iraq whose people have been persecuted by the “Islamic State.” One Yazidi who fled Iraq and sought refuge in Germany shared his story with InfoMigrants.
#Allemagne #asile #migrations #réfugiés #Yazidis #Yézidis #réfugiés_yézidis #Irak #ISIS #EI #Etat_islamique

❝During 2016, 1,291,785 asylum applications were lodged in EU+. Over the same period, 1,148,680…

During 2016, 1,291,785 asylum applications were lodged in EU+. Over the same period, 1,148,680 first-instance decisions and 228,155 final decisions in appeal or review were issued. At the end of year, 1,133,250 applicants were still awaiting a final decision on their case.
#cartographie #réfugiés #monde #visualisation #asile #migrations
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June 19 2017

L'exemplaire victoire de François Ruffin

L’exemplaire victoire de François Ruffin

« Vous savez, Ruffin c’est la dernière petite lueur en France. Le dernier qui peut prouver que les Français ne sont pas des cons », explique une militante qui arbore le sticker « Picardie Debout ! avec François Ruffin ». Quelques minutes plus tard, les résultats officiels tombent : François Ruffin remporte son siège de député avec 54 % des voix. Le journaliste laisse enfin tomber le masque pour souffler. À ses côtés, son équipe s’embrasse et se tombe dans les bras. Aux accolades s’ajoutent les larmes de joie : « Putain j’y crois pas. J’y crois pas », répète une militante.

June 17 2017

The Treasonous Secession Of Climate Confederacy States

The Treasonous Secession Of Climate Confederacy States

The Treasonous Secession Of Climate Confederacy States

After President Trump rejected the Paris Climate treaty, which had never been ratified by the Senate, the European Union announced that it would work with a climate confederacy of secessionist states.

Scotland and Norway’s environmental ministers have mentioned a focus on individual American states. And the secessionist governments of California, New York and Washington have announced that they will unilaterally and illegally enter into a foreign treaty rejected by the President of the United States.

The Constitution is very clear about this. “No state shall enter into any treaty.” Governor Cuomo of New York has been equally clear. “New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of (...)

Google 'faces €1bn-plus fine' from EU over market dominance

Google ’faces €1bn-plus fine’ from EU over market dominance

Tech giant could receive record penalty for favouring its comparison shopping service in its search result pages Google is reportedly facing a record-breaking fine from Brussels of more than €1bn (£875m) over alleged abuse of its market dominance. EU officials are expected to announce in the coming weeks that the tech giant has been guilty of manipulating its search engine results to favour its new Google Shopping service, which offers price comparisons on products. The unprecedented (...)

#Google #Shopping #domination #discrimination #procès

June 16 2017

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