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January 30 2013

Stanley Kubrick an IBM

In August of 1966, 2 years prior to the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick wrote to the vice president of his production company and asked whether IBM — a company with whom Kubrick consulted during production, and whose logo briefly appears in the film  — were aware of HAL’s murderous actions in the story. His letter, and Roger Caras’s reply, can be seen below.

It’s worth noting that both Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke have since denied that HAL represented IBM, and have claimed that the “one-letter shift” between the names “HAL” and “IBM” is purely coincidental.

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November 18 2012

Er will es “Bitches Brew” nennen


FROM: Teo Macero
DATE: November 14, 1969

RE: MILES DAVIS CS 9961 XSM 151732/3 PROJECT # 03802

Miles just called and said he wants this album to be titled:


Please advise.

(Signed, ‘Teo’)

Die Geschichte des Jazz: Fusion: Bitches Brew

Miles Davis Live in Berlin, 1969:

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October 28 2012

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