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Syria: ANHRI Bears the Syrian Regime the Crimina Liability for Killing Two Journalists in the Prisons

Syria: ANHRI Bears the Syrian Regime the Crimina Liability for Killing Two Journalists in the PrisonsCairo on 28 August 2013

The Syrian regime bears the full criminal liability for killing two journalists and medial professionals under torture in the Syrian prisons, said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI).

The family of the Syrian film director “Mamoun Saeed Noufal” received, on 23 August, a phone call from the Syrian security bodies to inform them the death of Mamoun. While the family went to to the militry police to receive the director’s body, they figured out that the director had passed away in June 2013, and they have to go to Al-Mujtahid hospital in Damascus in order to receive his personal belongings not his body.

The film director was known for supporting the peaceful Syrian revolution besides his participation in relief work, distributing the humanitarian aids for thousands of the immigrant failies that fleed to Jaramana. He was languished since nine months in one of the Syrian prisons, affiliated to the Syrian State Security, after being arrested from his house in Jaramana by the Syrian regime.

On 24 August, the Syrian Journalists Association (SJA), on its Facebook account, announced the death of Zyad Arafa, a Syrian journalist, under torture in a branch of the Syrian security bodies in Damascus.

ANHRI spoke out that the journalists and media professionals experience many violations during the coverage of any incidents by the Syrian regime or the Free Syrian Army. Many journalists and media professionals were killed during the covarge of the incidents, over and above arresting a large number of them and injuring others.

“The syrian regime committed numerous violations against the press and media freedoms, starting from gaging, arresting and targeting the journalists during the military processes. In addition to that, its heinious crimes of torturing the journalists in the prisons leading to their death. The regime breached all the international laws and treaties concern the press and media freedoms” said the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.





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